Production philososphy

Quality is our top priority during the manufacture of our products. Since quality assurance is best achieved with own well-trained personnel we have decided to carry out as much production steps as possible on our premises. While final production and a small mechanical production facility were already set up right from the start of JB-lighting, further departments have been founded and expanded during the course of the last 20 years. The following sides provide you with an overview of our departments, machinery and production steps. At the end of each production step, all our products have to undergo quality control and functional testing.

Machinery Mechanical Production

Machinery and workplaces:
  • 2 INDEX CNC lathes
  • WEILER conventional lathe
  • gear milling machine
  • BEHRINGER / EISELE circular saw
  • MIELE dishwasher
  • ALZMETALL bench drill
Work steps in the turnery
  • Programming and preparing the metal working machines
  • Manufacture of turned parts from plastic, aluminium, stell, brass
  • Manufacture of gears for our series production
  • Mechanical cleaning of sheet metal parts for the preparation of further work steps such as bonding
Quality control
  • Check of dimensions according to production drawing
  • Functional test
Machinery and workplaces:
  • TRUMPF punching machine
  • BEYERLER press brake
  • TRUMPF press brake
  • ARKU straightening machine
  • HAEGER press-in machine
  • TRUMPF tool grinding machine
  • Spray booth (varnishin)
  • Welding bench
  • Laser TRUMPF
Work steps in the sheet metal forming
  • Punching of sheet metal parts
  • Straightening of sheet metal parts
  • Pressing in of press-fit parts such as nuts, bolts, sockets
  • Edging
  • Embossing
  • Screen printing
  • Regrinding of punching tools
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
Quality control
  • Check of dimensions according to production drawing
  • Functional test

Machinery PCB Assembly

Machinery and workplaces:
  • Semiautomatic ROYONIC mounting table
  • ERSA wave solder bath
  • Hand-soldering workplaces
  • Test environments for all common appliances
Work steps
  • Manual assembly on the mounting table
  • Soldering using the wave solder bath
  • Assembly of displays
  • Equipping LED circiut boards with lenses
  • Soldering cables
  • Uploading oftware
Quality control
Each circuit board is subject to visual control and a functional control on the testboard

Cable assembly

Machinery and workplaces:
  • SCHLEUNIGER automatic cutting machine
  • GLW automatic cutting machine
  • HANKE automatic crimping machine
  • SCHLEUNIGER automatic crimping machine
  • ZOLLER + FRÖHLICH automatic crimping machine
Work steps
  • Assembly of different cables
  • Dismantling and crimping of different connectors
  • Compilation of complete harnesses for final assembly
  • Tinning quality control
  • Check of the manufacured crimp and plug connections

Gobo Colour Disk Production

Machinery and workplaces:
  • TRUMPF marking laser
Work steps
  • Gobo manufacture for series production
  • Gobo manufacture according to customer's artwork
  • Laser-cutting of dichroitically coated colour disks for washlights
  • Laser marking of sheet metal parts
  • Visual control
  • Checking of dicro filters for colour deviations

Final Assembly

Machinery and workplaces:
  • AGEO screw presses
  • 17 work benches equipped with a BOSCH production screwdriver with shut-off clutch
  • 9 assembly tables
  • Kanban screw storage rack
  • Diverse measuremente devices
Work steps in final assembly
  • Commissioning of all parts necessary for assembly
  • Prefabrication of compnents such as upholstery of the control console's hand rest with foam plastic and leather cover
  • Manual assembly of fixtures and lighting control consoles by riveting, screwing and adhesive bonding, soldering
  • Packaging in cases or cardboard boxes
Quality control
  • Functional testing of each completed device over several hours
  • Colour balance according to reference products
  • Measurement of the insulation resistance
  • Measurement of the earth resistance
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